Review of war & peace

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Make brief bullet points on the following;

just ad bellum- concerns the justice of resorting to war in the first place

  • to put a right wrong
  • self defence
  • defending others
  • human rights violations
  • to punish an agression
  • Legitimate authority
  • right intention
  • likelihood of success
  • porportionality
  • last resort

Jus in bello- concerns the justice of conduct within the war

  • proportionality
  • discrimination & non comabatat immunity
  • obey all international laws on weapons
  • fair treatment of prisoners of war
  • no means mala in se
  • no reprisals

Just post bellum-concerns the justice of peace agreements and the ending of the war

  • proportionality
  • discrimination
  • rights vindication
  • punishment 
  • compensation
  • rehabilitation

List the strengths and weaknesses of Just war theory


  • defines  the conditn which violence my be used and it…


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