Revelation and Scripture

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  • The Bible is the closet believers get to an experince with God
  • What is in the scripture is Human words
  • What ever God is trying to communicate in the Bible must be understood through human terms
  • If God is timeless and we are inside of time our language and grammar are different
  • So we can not say the 'Word of God' will be in our terms
  • God says he 'loves' us, we understand love as an emotion, but it also say's God surpasses our love

Bible criticims:

  • In the middle ages scholars used a four-fold technique in interpreting the Bible
  • The aim was to bring out the full meaning of the text
  1. The literal sense:           Simply explained the text
  2. The allegorical sense:    Refered to the true spiritual meaning
  3. The tropological sense: Bought about the Moral and Pastoral meaning
  4. The anagogical sense:   Dealt with the nature of heavenly realities
  • Eramus of Rotterdam:


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