Retaining Workforce - Motivation

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  • Motivation - The cause of peoples actions, why people behave as they do
  • Motivation Theory - Study of factors that influence behaviour of people in workplace

Scientific Management and F.W. Taylor

  • F.W. Taylor founded scientific approach to management
  • Considered money to be main factor that motivated workers, emphasised benefits of Piece work
  • Scientific Management - Business decision making based on data researched and tested quantitatively in order to improve efficiency of organisation
  • Higher efficiency = higher profits therefore higher wages for workers
  • Taylor saw humans as machines
  • Taylor recommended:
    • Extreme division of labour - Breaking job into small repetitive tasks, each can be done with speed with little training
    • Payment by piece work - Payment by results, per item
    • Tight management control - Ensures workers concentrate on their jobs + follow correct processes
  • Method had big influence on Mass Production, introduced by Ford Motor Company - Led to poor industrial relations and saw growth in trade unions

Maslow's Hierarchy of Human


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