Retail and urban change

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The centre of a city/town is known as the CBD (Central Business District)

Characteristics of a CBD:

  • expensive parking
  • busy/packed
  • traffic congestion
  • tall buildings (expensive land so they build upwards)
  • historical buildings
  • train stations
  • well known brands/chain stores/big dept. stores

Examples of a CBD? Manchester and Birmingham. 

Characteristics of an out of town shopping centre:

  • free parking
  • more space
  • less congestion 
  • indoors

Example of an out of town shopping centre? Merry Hill

The burgess model is a land use model, in the middle is the CBD, then the inner city, then inner suburbs and then outer suburbs.

Gentrification - the area of improvment from somewhere run down which is then redeveloped. An example of this is Birmingham Inner…


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