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Resurrection is the rising of a body or a soul after death to continue another life on earth or in heaven/hell.

When can resurrection happen?

  • instantaneously - judgement and life begins again straight after death
  • at world's end - everyone will be resurrected together and judged together


1. Resurrection of Jesus - empty tomb, disciple report of Jesus' resurrection of the body

2. actual bodily resurrection - body will be raised/resurrection of the soul

3. recreating you within a spiritual body

4. go to heaven/Jesus returns making earth perfect - like heaven


  • perfect
  • being in the presence of God
  • place of transformation
  • it's impossible to sin in heaven
  • eschatological realisation (end of time) - you understand everything
  • it's a community, without individual experiences


  • place of the dead
  • garbage dump
  • dark, gloomy underworld (what people believe it to be like)
  • separation from God

Purgatory: (catholic belief)

  • intermediate place - place between heaven and hell
  • cleanses your sins
  • stay for any length of time
  • purify through fire
  • eastern church…


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