Responses to the Problem of Evil

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Any attempt to defend belief in God, given the existence of evil in the world, is known as a 'theodicy'.

There are three main theodicies you need to be aware of. Religious believers (including Jews) may try to use these to show how God can still exist, despite the apparent level of suffering caused by Natural and Moral Evil.

1) The Free Will Defence

The Free Will Defence is one of the most popular ways in which religious believers attempt to justify the existence of evil with that of God. The theodicy acknowledges the existence of evil in the world, but claims that it is a necessary result of God giving us free will. They argue that God gave us free will to choose whether to do the right thing or not, and that this is why there is evil and suffering. They may claim that through faith, and by following the law as set out in religion, we can learn what God's plan for 'the right thing' is, and that this is what makes faith…


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