Respiration & Health

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1) Respiration is a chemical reaction which happens in every cell of every plant and animal.

2) Respiration is when glucose (or other sugars) react with oxygen to release energy.

3) The reaction produces carbon dioxide and water as by-products.

4) The bloodstream transports glucose and oxygen to the cells and takes the by-products away.

5) Respiration is not breathing - breathing is simply taking air into the lungs.

glucose + oxygen  ->  carbon dioxide + water

C6H12O6 +   6O2     -> 6CO2 +   6H2O

+ energy


Good health is a situation where you're fine and dandy both physically and mentally.

that means having both of these:

1) A healthy body that's all working properly with no diseases.

2) A healthy mental state where you're able to cope with the ups and downs in life.

You should look after you're body by:

A) Eating a balanced diet.

B) Doing enough exercise.

C) Not abusing drugs.


1) A drug is anything that affects the way the body


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