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Is the initial stage of aerobic respiration.

It occurs in the cytoplasm of all living cells so does not require any organelles.

It does not require oxygen. 

1) The glucose molecule if activated

The activation energy of glucose is reduced by the addition of a Pi molecule. 2 molecules of ATP are required for this. A molecule of phosphorylated glucose is formed.

2) The phosphorylated glucose is split

Into 2 molecules of triosphosphate 

3) The triosphosphate is oxidised

H from each triosphosphate is accepted by NAD to form NADH

4) ATP is made

Each triosphosphate is converted to Pyruvate and 2 molecules of ATP are made from each.

The Link Reaction

Occurs in the mitochondria.

Pyruvate + NAD + CoA = acetylCoA + NADH + CO2

Krebs Cycle

Occurs in the matrix of the mitochondria.

1) The 2C CoA molecule combines with a 4C molecule to form a 6C molecule

2) The 6C molecule loses 3 molecules of CO2 and H which is accepted by NAD and FAD.         One molecule of ATP is also made as a result of substrate level phosphorylation.

3) The 4C…


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