Research methods

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pilot study - first trial study in order to improve method and discover effecting variables
target population - who the research is aimed at
longitudinal study - a study that takes place over a long period of time
quantitative- data that can be categorised by graphs etc
sample - small groups you do research on/with
case study - one off event that can't be replicated
sampling frame - narrow down target population as you can't research everyone - e.g make a list of ppts
sample attrition - gets even smaller
reasons to carry out pilot studies::
identify problems and flaws with.... the design, whether ppts understand the q's/ppts, the measuring instruments e.g behaviour categories

>Researchers use a sample because it is a way of narrowing the population down to a workable group
>the purpose of a sampling frame is to narrow down the target population so you have a basis to choose your sample
>representativeness is an issue because it may noy hold characteristics of the whole nation at equal ratios
>a small sample might be a problem because it means results are hard to generalise and a confounding variable - individual diffs - can lead to sampling effort
>sampling bias is when the research is bias in…


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