Research Methods: Use of Inferential Analysis

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Use of Inferential Analysis

  • Each statistical or inferential test involves taking the data collected in a study and doing calculations which produce a single number called the observe (or calculated) value.
  • To decide if the observed value is significant, this figure is compared to another number found in a table of critical values.
  • This is called the critical or table value.
  • To determine whether the result is significant you need to compare the calculated and table values.

A) Spearman's Rho - 

Spearman's Rho is used to correlate pairs of scores that are at least an ordinal level of measurement.

To  find the critical/table value you need to know:

  • Whether you have a directional or non-directional hypothesis
  • The level of significance
  • The number of ppts in each group 

If the observed/calculated value of U is equal to or less than the critical/table value, the null hypothesis can be rejected.

B) Mann-Whitney -

Mann-Whitney test is a test of difference. Can be used when data is at least ordinal


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