Research Methods- Types of Experiment

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Laboratory (Lab) Experiment:

They are conducted in highly controlled environments. This isn't always in a lab as it could be in a classroom for example as long as the conditions are controlled.


  • High controll of EVs= ensures that it was just the IV that affected the DV making the results have a high internal validity.
  • High controlled conditions= replication is possible and ensures that new EVs aren't introduced when repeating an experiment. Replication is vital to check the results to see if it's valid.


  • Lack generalisability the environment may be artificial and not like everyday life and lead participants to not behave naturally so, their behaviour cannot be generalised so, it has a low external validity.
  • Participants usually know they're being tested in a lab experiment and this may lead to demand characteristics.
  • Tasks participants have to do may not represent real life e.g. recalling a list of words to assess their memory so, it has low mudane realism.

Field Experiments:

Takes place in a natural, everyday environment and the IV is manipulated and effects of DV is recorded.


  • High mudane realism as


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