Research Methods: Choosing a statistical test

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Factors Affecting Choice of Statistical Test

  • Need to justify your choice of statistical test.
  • Need to identify:

1) It is a correlation or test of difference (experiment) or Correlational.

2) If it uses independant groups or repeated measures.

3) Or if it uses nominal data.

Nominal Data = Chi Squared.

Relationship/Correlation = Spearman's Rho

Independant Groups = Mann-Whitney

Repeated Measures/Matched Pairs = Wilcoxon

Level of Measurement:

  • Two key levels of measurement to understand are nomial and ordinal.
  • Chi-Squared is used for nomial data
  • All other tests require at least ordinal data.
  • This means they can be used for ordinal interval and ratio data.

Nominal: The data is put into categories or just named.

Data that is at least ordinal:

  • Ordinal: Information or scores are


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