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There are 2 forms of reproduction:

  • Sexual Reproduction
    • The joining (fusion) of male and female gametes
    • The mixture of the genetic information from two parents leads to a variety of offspring
  • Asexual Reproduction
    • There is no fusion of gametes
    • Only one individual is needed as the parent
    • No mixing of genetic information - No genetic variation in offspring
    • The genetically identical individuls are CLONES

Mordern Cloning Techniques

  • Tissue Culture 
    • Using small groups of cells from part of a plant 
  • Embryo Transplants 
    • Splitting apart cells from a developing animal embryo before they become specialised
    • Letting them grow in a laboratory for a while
    • Then transplanting the identical embryo into host mothers
  • Adult Cell Cloning
    • The nucleus is removed from an unfertallised egg cell


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