Repression and the recovery of the Tsarist authority

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The impact of the October Manifesto

There was mass celebrations when the Tsar produced the manifesto but its terms divided opposition to the Tsar.

- Moderate right wing Liberals known as the Octoberists fully supported it.

-More left wing Liberals, called the Kadets took this as a temporary measure, they formed the Constitutional Democratic Party under Milyukov. They wanted a constituent assembly to draw up a new manifesto and took this as the first step only.

-The SR's and SD's rejected the proposals and encouraged their supporters to participate in another general strike coordinated by the St Petersburg Soviet.

Not all sections of society were won over;

-Many workers remained sceptical of the manifesto and remained loyal to the radicals.

-Soldiers and sailors continued to mutiny over pay, conditions and treatment.

-The peasants risings escalated with the hope of land redistribution. A peasants union…


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