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  • Repression is a form of ego defense whereby anxiety- provoking material is kept out of the conscious awareness as a means of coping
  • Freud said that there are no mental accidents whatever you have forgotten it was forgotten for a reason.
  • SUPPORTING EVIDENCE= Levinger and Clark found p's had poorer recall of emotionally negative words e.g. fear and fight. Klein found p's had poorer recall from a wordlist whne they had been insulted by the experimenter during the learning time. Both of these support the idea that repression of emotionally negative material occurs.
  • REFUTING EVIDENCE- Replications of Levinger and Clark's work found the recall was worse when recall was delayed. Klein's p's had been distracted by demotovatisation during the experiment.
  • CASE STUDY EVIDENCE- event- specific amnesia e.g. criminals unable to recall commiting crimes. Post- traumatic amnesia- disrupted recall of combat veterans. Recovered memories- sexual abuse in childhood.
  • CLINCAL SUPPORT- can't eliminate deliberately feigned amnesia, influence of alcohol, drugs etc. in criminal cases. In other cases it…


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