Representation and Democracy - key Acts

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1832 Reform Act:

  • aimed to achieve 2 things:
    - extend franchise so more men could vote
    - attempt to make the system fairer
  • but only a small percentage could vote in elections
  • more pressure for political change from the Chartist movement in 1830s-40s

1867 Parliamentary Reform Act:

  • introduced by the Conservative party
  • their leader thought if they gave a working man food, clothes and housing he would continue to vote for conservatives forever
  • gave the most skilled working man the vote
  • but middle classes and elite still dominated

1872 Ballot Act:

  • attempted to deal with the problem of electoral malpractice by allowing secret ballots
  • tried to stop bribery, corrupting and intimidation
  • in areas with large amounts of voters, there was…


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