Renaissance period 1400-1700AD

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church lost influence- dissection wasnt allowed, easier to challenge Galen, less supernatural beliefs.

Ancient writing- Knowledge beneficial, inproves and encourages questions, good ideas from the past e.g. the romans.

Improvements in art- Deatailed drawings of anatomy, used and easier to train doctors, accurate proof to show the body.

Printing press developed- could print books in different languages, newspapers, spread ideas on a bigger scale.

new weapons- more doctors/ surgeons, more injuries to treat, cauterisation (gun powder), pain relief.


  • proved galen wrong: Galen said jaw bone was 2 bones but vesalius proved it was one. Proved that women and men had the same number of ribs.
  • Liver didnt make blood, kidneys were the same height, no holes ihn the wall…


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