Remains and War photographer ideas

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Compare how the poets present inner conflict in 'War photographer' and 'Remains'

War photographer:

Introduction and context:

  • Inspired to write the poem by her friendship with a war photographer 
  • Duffy provokes us to consider ow own responses when confronted with photographs that we see in the news and how we have become desensitised to these pictures.
  • 'war is partially madness, partly insane and partly schizophrenia' - photo journalist from Doc McCullin Documentary.


'Spools of suffering set out in ordered rows' 

- Sibilance illstrates the harsh realities of war and intense violence experienced - Metaphor emphasises the dark nature of war - the reels of film are described like soldiers , or like rows of graves - paradox - chaos and suffering are reduced to something ordered - 'spools' - limitless and endless pain caused by the war 

'Explode beneath the feet of running children'

- Contrasts the safety of home and the danger of a war zone - contrasts children and innocence to brutalility of war - makes the reader feel sympathy because they are safe but others arent - gratitude for your life - reference to


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