Religious Studies Unit 1 Human Experience

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Religious Charities and Organisations

Purpose of LIfe 

It is faith and that gives meaning and purpose to lives of a religoius believer. The term faith meaning trust of confidence, for religious believers a trust and confidence in God. It is this that helps to create their identity giving them a sense of who they are. 

Many religious believers will attend a place of worship belonging to a communtiy which is a expression of faith. They may also carrry out charity work, expressing faith by helping other people. 

Christian Aid 

  • wants to create and establish a world free of poverty and injustice
  • providing relie in times of diaster helping people regardless of religion or nationality 
  • speaking out against injustice
  • tries to deliever real, practical help to places where it is most needed. 


  • Jewich overseas development and educational charity
  • working with poorest people in the world regardless of race or religion. 
  • helping people in distres from damaging political and economic situations. 
  • helps to find small scale, self-help, sustainable projects assisting people in the long term in looking after themselves and coping with the conditions they live in. 


many religious people think it is an important aspect of being a religious believer. 

Christains follow example of Jesus who spent a lot of time helping others

Jews have similar beliefs, claiming that God wants us to help each other because we are all made in his image and therefore worthy of care. 

Hindus believe that every livign thing is valuable and put this teaching into practise by helping others. 

Short term aid- responding to emergency requests as a result of famine, war and natural diasters- usually in the form of food, water, shelter, medical assistance. 

Long term aid- requires more structure, providing technology for clean drinking water, sanitation, sustainable garming methods, education and employment. 


Expression of faith through what is worn.  

religious believers think that it is important to show and share faith with others and feel important that others have acces to their faith so they can make an informed decision.

some feel that is important to have physical reminders of thier faith and for some dispaying faith is a way of identifying faith themselves. 

many feel that their faith is explicit. feeling that it may be ignored or misunderstood by others. 

some also feel they want to be true to themselves and express faith to do this. 


expressing faith through symbols in a place of worship 


religious art has a long history and is used to provide a visual focus to for the worshipper or allow the artist themselves to express their faith. 

art seen as symbolic or metaphorical can be interpreted by religous believers. For instance many sacred stories are more understandable when in pictorial form. 

form of expression in its self but can be used as a tool to find deeper meanings than language alone. 

provides a base to focus prayer or meditation…


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