Religious Studies Unit 1 Human Experience

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In some church services Christains are invited to share peace with each other by shaking hands 

Some catholic christians would make a 'confession' to the priest beofre taking a holy communion if, for example, they had anger towards others 

Some christainssuch as Quakers are pacifists and will refuse to take part in war or conflict believing that peace should always be maintained. They refer to the exmaple of Jesus who taught 'Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God' 


Muslims often grett each other with messages of peace. A common greeting is 'Assalamu alaykum' meaning 'peace be apon you' 


There are many types of conflict (clahes and breakdowns of relationships), 

  • Global conflict 
  • Personal conflict 
  • conflict between communities 

religions try to support peace by talking to each other

Key concept interfaith dialogue (exploring common ground between two different faith groups) emphasising the need to work together and remove misunderstandings. 

some however choose not to take part in interfaith dialogue 

others believe that it is a good way of promting peace and acceptance ampung differing religios traditions 



why- natiral disasters, ill health or through other peoples actions 

what is it- defined as 'patient edurance'- undergoing or baring of pain or distress

Christain view

some argue world is corrupt or fallen, and that there is an evil pwer in existance (Lucifer of Satan) 

Suffering comes from a result of an oringinal sin- a traditional docterine, that because of the Fall of Man, everyone inherits a flawed nature in need of rebirth with a tendancy to sin.  

also view that without suffering and evil people will not really know what good is. suffering can help to reveal weaknesses in people helping people to endevour and put right the wrong done.

suffering is a result of God given free will and it can assist humans to grow spritually and morally. Acting as a test of faith or a consequence of doing things wrong 

however believe that God has compassion and understands the suffering of his people 


believe that they are being tested through suffering in an immpermanent world. Those who pass the test will find an eyternal world that is perfect and infinite, while those who fail will see the evil consequences of their sins and corruption. 

believe that if they see a person who is sick, poor of needy, they are beign tested through Allah for their charity and their faith. 



Reponse to suffering 


  • through prayer- to relieve own suffering or that of another person 
  • reading the bible 
  • studying the lives who have previously suffered 
  • throigh belief in afterlife, where things will be better 
  • by believing that their suffering is part of a divine pla 
  • through service to others, charity, working at home or abroad or working with those less fortunate than themseleves. 


Through Zakat- giving 2.5% of ones wealth each year to benefit the poor. regarded as a type of worship and self-purification. As one…


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