Religious Studies (-Religion and Morality)

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Drug: A substance that affects the mind or body. It can be natural or manmade and have positive or negative effects. Fro example ecstasty is a manufactured drug which has bad effects on a person and affects the mind.

Prescription Drugs: Drugs legally obtained only with a doctor's permission e.g. Penicillin

Illegal Drugs: drugs which are illegal to possess, sell or use, put into three classifications according to their potential harm and addictiveness e.g. Heroin

Social Drugs: legal drugs which are still addictive, such as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine etc... 

JEWS AND CHRISTIANS are strongly against taking illegal drugs and the misuse of prescription drugs because of the damage they do to the body and mind that God created. CHRISTIANS compare the body to a temple made by God, the destruction is seen as a direct attack on God's authority


  • Social drugs such as alcohol and nicotine are legal, despite the possibility of them causing a lot of harm to the user and others. Their sale is sge-restricted to over-18s
  • Prescribed drugs are legal, but only for the person they are prescribed to
  • OVer-the-counter drugs are legal, although the quantity of some painkillers sold to any individual is restricted. Pharmacies can sell some over-the-counter drugs that non-specialise retailers are not allowed to
  • Household solvents (e.g. glue, aerosols), which can be abused by sniffing, in some cases with fatal conseqeunces, are not legally controlled. Retailers are advised that it is illegal to sell them to people they believe may abuse them and some (gas lighter refills) are age restricted to over-18s
  • Illegal drugs are illegally manufactured and illegally sold (e.g. LSD, ecstasy and cocaine)
  • Caffeine is a mild stimulant that is not illegal, but can cause ill effects in some people. It is naturally found in coffee, tea, chocoalte and soft drinks, and is used in some headache pills. It can also be taken in tablet form by people who need it to keep awake or alert. It is


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