Religious studies (quotes)

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"Love your neighbour as yourself" - This means that you should protect those around you and fight for them

god made the world and said it was good - god thinks that the world is good and he made it so we should do all that we can to protect it this may involve war as we may need to fight to ensure that the world is protected

AGAPE - This is a form of love, we should love to all those around us and this includes fighting for them to ensure that they are happy and at peace

Jesus cursed the fig tree and threw tables in the temple- Jesus used violence when he did these things this then means that we should also be allowed to use violence because Jesus condoned it

St Paul said that "women should never speak in church, they should stay at home as wives and mothers and that the head of a woman is a man" - St Paul used discrimination (sexism) against women, he didn’t treat them as equals to men and women aren’t treated as equals in the catholic church as they are not allowed to be ministers

All of Jesus disciples were men - Jesus didn’t have a female disciple they were all male, this is sexism and is also discrimination which therefore means that we should be allowed to discriminate against others as well

Christians have fought in holy wars before for example the crusades - Christians have fought in wars in the past so we should be able to fight in wars and use violence now

"the greater of two evils" - if using violence or having a war will have a greater impact or be less evil than not using violence or having a war then you can therefore have that war or use violence in that case

Just War - a just war is a war that can be justified, if the war follows all of the criteria then this was is fair

Only option - war may be the only option if everything else has been tried and you still cannot get your point across violence may be the only thing left

In the Old Testament god was a warrior god and tells Christians to fight he said "an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth" - god told people to use violence this therefore mean that the using violence is ok

in genesis it says that man was created first and that the women was created from Adams rib - This means that women are beneath men and should do what they are told

Self defence - violence should be used to defend yourself

Some Christians try to convert people to their religion as Jesus said "those who believe in me will never die" -




very detailed quotes, i wish you had uploaded this when i had to do some hwk on this a month ago.

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