Religious Studies Full Course Notes

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R.e revision notes!


UNIT ONE: Religion and Conflict



·       part of life’s tests

·       heaven/hell depends on reaction to suffering

·       makes stronger individual

·       have freedom to decide to do good or bad in reaction

·       not expected to be understood by humans as God is so intelligent, must just accept

·       respond to suffering through worship


·       part of Allah’s plan

·       test of acceptance of self-suffering and other’s suffering

·       brings a person closer to Allah

·       react through worship



·        Jesus practised to teaches how important it is

·        Is a two way thing: forgiving and accepting forgiveness

·        Jesus taught to forgive an infinite number of times

·        Should be practised daily


·        Allah’s forgiveness matters most

·        Forgiving and accepting pleases Allah

·        Taught to:

~recognize and admit mistake

~ask Allah for forgiveness

~ask victim for forgiveness

~make up for wrong

~not recommit sin

·        Centre of 5 pillars of Islam which are centre of religion.

Attitudes To War

Christianity JUST WAR

·        Must be started by person with state authority

·        Worthy cause

·        To promote good or avoid evil

·        Last resort

·        Proportionality

·        Good gained greater than evil cause


·        Last resort

·        Controlled by religious leader

·        Just cause

·        Aim to bring about good

·        Indiscriminate

·        Fighting must cease when good brought about

·        Enemies treated as friendlies


UNIT TWO: Religion and Medicine



·        Generally against as life is sacred and intrinsic value must be protected

·        CATHOLICS: life begins at conception so embryos treated as people: murder

·        METHODISTS: acceptable in two cases: kidnapped, ****.

·        C OF E: if mothers life is threatened, is okay


·        Sanctity of life is important

·        Talmud states mothers life is more important

·        **** is valid reason

·        Poverty is not as God will provide



·        Wrong as God created life so only God can end it

·        Life is gift from God so must be respected

·        God will support you through struggles

·        CATHOLICS: grave violation of Law of God

·        If large doses of painkillers kill naturally, is okay

·        C OF E: shouldn’t


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