Religious Studies

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Abortion -

Uk law - Abortion is allowed up to 24 weeks

Legal is special circumstances in Northen Ireland. Republic of Ireland is Illegal.

Up to 9 weeks -  2 pills (91%)

13 week - Surgical (8%)

20 weeks - Surgical (1%)

200,000 abortions  in uk - third of those are repeats.

Northern Ireland  there were 75 abortions.

Circumstances allowed for abortion -



Mothers life is at risk




For Abortion -

If Mother was *****.

If Mothers life is at risk.

Against Abortion -


If Mother did not want the child.

The Catholic church believes that Abortion is wrong . "Abortion is a sin". They also believe that life begins at conception. "Abotion is murder".

Church of England also believe that Abortion…


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