Religious Right question plan

Q: How accurate is it to say that the rise of the 'Religious Right was responsible for the bitter divisions within American Society in the years 1968-2001?


  • The new right/religious right was a Christian faith-based movment and one of their  typical voter's would be disgusted by 60's culutre of permisiveness, so they'd be completely against sex, drugs, and rock & roll culture. Deeply patriotic, Anti: communism, liberals, big government, ***********, sex education in schools, feminism & women's rights, darwinism, democrats, busing, affirmative action, etc.
  • Winners of the culture war - could be argued that liberals in society were winning, American's in 2000 were more tolerant of the behaviour of others, e.g. homosexuals; and in 1980 the Democratic party demonstrated their offical support of homosexuals and Clinton introduced his "don't ask, don't tell" policy, although homophobia remained widespread. However, it could be argued that conservatives were winning the culture wars in the political arena.
  • It was said that the paradox of the Religious Right became an imprtant factor in American politics primarily because of liberal victoires. Christian Right activists believed that the


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