Religious Experience - Visions and Voices

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Both visions and voices share certain characteristics with other experiences and descriptions overlap.

  • For instance, Isaiah's experience is a vision and is numinous.
  • St Theresa's vision described below is also a mystical experience.


  • Visions occur in a variety of forms and in various faiths.

St Teresa's Vision

  • I saw a Christ at my side - or, to put it better, I was conscious of Him, for neither with the eyes of the body or the soul did I see anything.
  • Some thinkers refer to these as intellectual visions.
  • The vision is not the same as seeing an external object with the eyes.
  • It is instead a clear vision in the mind's eye.
  • Religious believers who have these types of vision would argue that they are far too profound to be confused with the imagination.


  • One dramtatic type of religious experience is the hearing of voices. These…


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