Religious Ethics: Free Will and Determinism

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Hard determinists deny human free will. They believe that all actions have a prior cause. We have no moral responsibility as we didn't choose to perform the actions. Relies on Newton. All physical beings are governed by unchangeable natural laws. These form the basis for cause and effect. They are strict and rigid in their beliefs. Modern hard determinists, like Hospers say that there is always something innate that we believe is our free will.

Libertarians say that there is no compulsion to act. Every choice is free. We can be morally responsible. Cause and effect is not relevant. All moral actions are a result of our individual character and values. Examples of people growing up in drug and gang cultures that choose not to join in. They have a choice and we have a choice. It is not hindered by determinism.

Soft determinism combines libertarianism and hard determinism. It says that we are both free and determined…


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