Religious Education (Edexcel) - Marriage and the Family

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Adultery - having sex with someone other than your marriage partner.

Civil Partnership - a legal ceremony giving a homosexual couple the same rights as a husband and wife.

Cohabitation - living together without being married.

Contraception - preventing new life from occuring. look up

Faithfulness - staying with your marriage partner and only having sex with them.

Homosexuality - attraction to the same sex.

Nuclear Family - a mother, father and children living together as a unit.

Pre-marital sex - sex before marriage.

Procreation - creating new life.

Promiscuity - having sex with a number of partners without commitment.

Re-constituted Family - when two sets of children (step-brothers and step-sisters) become a family when their divorced parents marry eachother.

Re-marriage - marrying again after being divorced from a previous marriage.

Sex outside marriage is wrong because:

  • sex is for procreation only, and INSIDE marriage.
  • Jesus said both adultery and promiscuity are wrong.

Christians are against adultery because - it is against the 10 commandments.

                                                          - it breaks the wedding vows to be faithful.

                                                          - it is comdemned by Jesus…


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