Religious Education (Edexcel) - Community Cohesion

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Community cohesion - a shared sense of belonging for all groups in society.

Prejudice - believing someone is inferior or superior without knowing them.

Discrimination - treating someone unfairly because of their skin colour/race/age.

Ethnic minority - an ethnic group smaller than the majority group.

Sexism - discriminating against someone based on their gender.

Racism - discriminating against someone based on their race/skin colour.

Multi-ethnic society - where different races and cultures live together in one society.

Racial harmony - a society where different ethnic groups live together in peace.

Multi-faith society - where people of different faiths live together in one society.

Religious freedom - the right to practice and change your religion.

Religious pluralism -

Interfaith marriage - marriage where each partner is from a different religion.

Advances in equal rights for women

  • 1918 women are allowed to vote.
  • equal pact act 1970
  • sex discrimination act 1975.

The bible on women:

  • everyone is made in God's image
  • everyone is equal in the eyes of God
  • we are all one in christ
  • bbbbuuuttt, women are not allowed to speak in church…




This was so helpful for my GCSE revision as I gave quotes and reasons why thank you ***

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