Religious Beliefs on Immortality

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  • General
    • 'Death' and 'life' are not just physical concepts (Tear Fund's slogan was "we believe in life before death")
    • Humans are not just bodies but also have souls/spirits
    • Therefore, although someone might be physically alive, religions say they may spiritually dead and vice versa
    • Therefore, although death might be an end to a physical body which is visible, religions say that the soul continues according to the trajectory that it has set in life (i.e. a soul which is 'alive' and good will continue to have eternal life and goodness. A soul which is empty or bad or dead will continue to know eternal emptiness and death.
    • Therefore, death and life are ongoing concepts and religions believe that it is possible to die eternally, i.e. to continue in death. These concepts are linked with heaven and hell.
  • Muslims
    • After death, body and soul are resurrected after a time to be judged by…


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