Religious and Scientific Theories About Creation

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Christian Teachings about the Origin of the World and of Humanity

Some Christians believe that:

  • The world was created exactly as was described in the Book of Genesis
  • It was created in 6 days
  • God made it out of nothing
  • All living things were made as separate species from the beginning
  • Men and women have a special place in creation
  • Adam and Eve were the first people, and they disobeyed God

Other Christians believe that:

  • The Genesis story should not be taken literally as its only a symbolic story
  • It contradicts scientific theories
  • Fossil evidence suggests animals evolved gradually
  • It is difficult for modern people to believe
  • They think the Book of Genesis is a myth and contains truth, but not as an accurate description of what really happened

The book of Genesis contains two different accounts of the creation of the world and of humanity. 

The First Account  

  • "in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth"
  • God created the world in 6 days - on the 6th he creates animals and humans.  Humans are created in the "image of God" and places them in charge giving them dominion and stewardship.
  • "Be fruitful and multiply"
  • Roman Catholic Church - these verses mean God created the world out of nothing - ex nihilo
  • Others believe God created the world out of matter that was already there
  • This raises issues about the problem of evil
      • If God created the world out of nothing at all and because people believe that God is good, then everything he created would also be good
      • If God created the world out of matter which was already present and there was evil within this matter, this would suggest that God was not necessarily responsible for the existence of evil

Second Account

  • Humans are made before the plants and animals
  • Concentrates on the creation of the first man, Adam and the first woman, Eve


Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human characteristics to material stakes or abstract concepts

Fundamentalist Christians

  • They say that the universe was created in the six day creation story and that the earth was created on the third day with one word from God.
  • They also say…


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