religious studies

what do religious believers mean by love?

what a religious believer mean by love is someone expressing their affection towards someone through words and actions. an example of this would be how God loves everybody equally and unconditionally. 

explain how a religious may help others with marriage difficulties?

a religious believer such as muslims may conform to reconsiliation, reconsiliation is where an act  of apology or say sorry and become friends again. this would be put in place for the remaining couple who are having issues. secondly there a three stages that they go through if they see divorce as being an option. Due to muslims strongly against this they would attempt the help them resolve their issues. if this does not work there is a three month period where they live together under the same household but does not have sexual relations. 

"sex before marriage harms no one"

a christian would disagree with this as they beieve that sex is a gift from god. you should remain pure until you are married. many churches teach pre martial is wrong. sex is portrayed as being holy and sacred.

a muslim believer is totally forbidden from this they believer that sex should only take place within marriage. it is a sin if you have sex before marriage.a purpose of sex is to have procreation. and that only children…


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