Religion under Mary

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Mary’s Reign (15 53-15 58)


Situation in 15 53

      The measures undertaken by Edward VI’s government supposedly resulted in England becoming even more closely identified with Protestantism, although after less than twenty years of haphazard reformation, it would be wrong to believe that Catholic beliefs and practices had died out completely by 15 53.

      But Mary held the Catholic faith dear, and one of her priorities would be to return her kingdom to the Catholic fold officially, by reinstating the Pope as head of the Church in England. 


Religious Change, 15 49-15 53


      In 15 53, Parliament passed an Act of Repeal which undid all of the Edwardian Reformation, revived the Mass, ritual worship and clerical celibacy, and implicitly reaffirmed the traditional doctrine of the Lord’s Supper (transubstantiation).  This restored the Church to what it had been in 15 47 under the Act of Six Articles (15 39).


      The same year, Mary gave up the title of Supreme Head of the Church


      In 15 54, the Royal Injunctions were issued, ordering bishops to suppress heresy and remove married clergy


      In 15 54, Parliament passed the Second Act of Repeal, which undid all anti-papal legislation since 1529 and the Henrician Reformation



Nature of Opposition, 15 53-8


o   Although Mary’s reign is famed for the burning of Protestants,


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