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Religion and Science:

The Biblical story of creation:

This says that the earth was made in 7 days by God. Some Christians interpret the story of creation literally, this means they believe God made the earth in just 7 days, this goes against many scientific theories including the big bang, and evolution. Here is the biblical story of creation:
1. Light and Dark were separated
2. Sea and Sky
3. Lands, Plants and seeds 
4. Sun, moon and stars
5. Fish and Birds
6. Humans and animals
7. God rested on the 7th day 

The Big Bang theory:

This is a theory about how the earth came together, which is now accepted by most people and was made by scientists. It states that a small amount of high density matter at a very high temperature exploded, and formed our earth. Living things then slowly became more and more complicated and less simple, until eventually humans were created. This theory is accepted by some Christians who interpret the creation story as a representation of what really happened, and that God could have caused the Big Bang to happen. Some Christians say that 'one day' in the creation story could have been equal to many thousands of years. 

The Theory of Evolution:

This theory was…


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