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Judgement and Salvation

Christians believe that:

·         God judges each of us on how we live our live on Earth - how we treat others, especially those less fortunate.

·         If we choose to reject him, we are separated from him forever.

·         If we repent and are truly sorry, we are accepted and forgiven.

·         We may pray for forgiveness.


Salvation is God's action to for a bond between himself and us, his creations.


·         The sins of humanity were erased when Jesus died on the cross.

·         God gave his only son to die for us, which shows his love.

·         Ressurection shows not even death can keep you from God.

·         Salvation is offered to everyone - though you must choose to accept it.

·         God wants to be loved by his creations. We are created to be involved in a relationship with God.

In the exam you must:

·         Agree/Disagree and explain fully the reasons why

·         Give another point of view - "On the other hand some people might think..." or "Other opinions are..."

·         Refer to what Christians or different groups of Christians think, or different Christian beliefs, depending on the question

The Doctrine of the Trinity

Christins are monotheists; the existance of only one God is specified in the Ten Commandments.

The Trinity

God the Father

·         "Father" is often used to refer to God as the creator of everything

·         It reflects the love of God for humankind

·         Modern Christians may also choose to use the word "Mother" to reflect these beliefs since God is not limited by Gender

·         Christians also believe that Gos is the Father of Jesus who was sent to earth to save humanity

God the Son

·         Christians believe Jesus is the son of God

·         Jesus is also God himself - he is fully human and fully divine

·         God chose to come


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