Religion Peace and Justice

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Religion Peace and Justice


  • ALL Christians see war to be a bad thing. However some understand that there is no other option.
  • "Love thy neighbour": is war the only option and so the most loving thing to do?
  • War should be a last resort.
  • War:

-Should be a last resort: all other ways of stopping it must have been tried already

-There must be a chance of winning the war: and there must be no additional force than to win the war

-The war must have been declared by the Government

-There needs to be a good reason to go to war: good should come out of it not evil

  • Quaker are conscientious objectors, and will not take part in war: they might help with ambulance services etc...
  • Conscientious objects: people who refuse to fight in wars because of moral beliefs.


  • Christian justice is punishing APPROPRIATELY the wrongdoing.
  • All people that make mistakes must repent so they can reform and move on.
  • Aims of punishment:

-Protection for society

-Retribution: making people feel the criminal has payed the price for their sin.

-Reformation: the chance for the criminal to reflect on their wrongdoing.

-Deterrance: it may put other people off from…


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