Religion, Peace and Justice

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- Generally 'anti-war'

Just war

Peace is ultimate goal for human beings

Peace = lack of war, freedom from distress and disturbance => good will and faith

Proper authority: war must be declared by an elected government, president or monarch

Just cause: a war must be defensive, preventing damage, defending a friendly nation or innocent     people, no excuse for an unjust goal

Last resort: all other ways of resolving conflict has been resolved first

Achievable aim: Reasonable chance of success

Proportionality: Harm caused by fighting : less than harm its trying to prevent, WMD violate this

Not just to target civilians

Military advantage gained from attack must outweigh harm caused to civilians


- War and violence are always wrong

- Violence goes against Jesus's teachings

- Quakers are always opposed to war

Law and Justice

Justice: one gets what they deserve, maintaining what's right, guilty are punished and innocent   …


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