Religion and society descarilization

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  • Desacrilization: Supernatural are no longer seen as controlling the world, action is no longer directed by religious belief and human consciousness has become secularized. 
  • Disenchantment: Cultural rationalization and devaluation of mysticism apparent in modern Society.
  • Weber:
  • Modernized society is characterized by rationalization and intellectualization  and above all by the disenchantment of the world
  • The world is no longer being charged with mystery and magic; the supernatural has been banished from society
  • The meanings of motives that direct action are now rational
  • Rational action rejects the guidelines provided by emotion, tradition or by religion.
  • Disengagement: The leaving of a religious faith, group or commune and refers to the withdrawal of churches from our society.
  • David Martin (1969): Disengagement cause…


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