Religion and society

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Why Christians only use the bible for making moral decissions:

  • They believe it is the word of God and so they should follow it. 
  • The Bible contains the decalogue which gives guidence on things such as stealing,murder,adulty ect 
  • the BIble contains the teachings of Jesus on how to live. 
  • the Bible contains letters from disciples of  Jesus about how Christians should behave. 

Some Christians don't think the Bible is the most impartant guide to amking moral decissions because:

  • They belive the Bible was written by humans inspired by God, so many attitudes need to be changed for the modern world. 
  • some Christians believe they need the Church to help them understand what the Bible means today
  • Other Christians would use their conscience or reason to decide whether to follow the Bible today 

The Authority of the Church.

The Church is the best guide for making moral decisions because:

  • they believe the Church is the body of Christ- Jesus working in today's world- so it must have the same autority of Christ. 
  • most Christians believe that God speaks to the world today through the Church. 
  • following the guidence of the Church stops Chrisians becoming confused about what to do, it ensures they are doing the wright thing. 

Christians should use their consceince for making moral decisions because:

  • the voice of there conscience seems to be the same voice of God so they should follow it.
  • the Church says to follow your conscience as if it is it the word of God.
  • St Paul and St Thomas Aquinas taught that Christians should use their conscience as the final part of decision making 
  • the Bible often needs inturpertating, the conscience is God speak directally to inderviduals. 

Some Christians should not follow their conscience because:

  • people have heard the voice of God telling them to do bad things, if people are mistaken about the voice of


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