Religion and Equality

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Prejudice and Equality

Equality: being treated equally

Prejudice: judging something without full knowledge of the situation

Discrimination: unjust treatment


Different cultural, religious background or colour of someone's skin

Attitudes to Equality


The Bible: "Do to other what you would have them do to you", the Parable of the Good    Samaritan (discrimination against the mixed race Samaritans)

Christians: avoid discrimination and promote equality

Jesus: mixed with a variety of people

Dietrich Bonhoeffer: German Christian, duty to speak out against the Nazi's treatment of Jews

Racial harmony

MLK: Baptist minister who campaigned for civil rights

The story of Simon Peter: "nothing is impure that God has made"

South African apartheid

The DRC believed God had made white people superior, law of the apartheid

Trevor Huddleston argued that the apartheid was against God's…


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