Religion and Conflict

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-Retaliation when wronged is not helpful; pray for those who are against you.

-Follow Jesus' example and show love, compassion and kindness and passion to others.

-Jesus called people to e peacemakers.


-Islam is from a root word meaning peace; submission to Allah is how o achieve it.

-Allah commanded people to live is peace, justice and responsible brotherhood.

-The Quran teachers seeking of reconciliation, not revenge.

Conflict and war:


-It is sometimes necessary to go to war - known as a Just war.

-Jesus said 'those who take up the sword, die by the sword'.

-Some Christians would say Jesus' teachings and example require not taking up any kind of violent conflict.

-Loving enemies and praying for them is a greater victory.


-The greater jihad is the struggle against temptation and disobedience to Allah.

-The lesser Jihad - armed conflict - should only be to bring peace and freedom.

-There are guidelines for ethically right wars.

Principles of a Just War:

A just war is when it is:

-for a just cause

-declared by…





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