Religion, renewal and choice

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New forms of religion -

Some sociologists believe religion is not declining but simply changing. Davie argues religion is not declining but taking a different more privatized form.

Believing without belonging -

  • Church attendance has decreased because people no longer feel obliged to go, it's now more a personal choice.
  • We now have believed without belonging - people hold religious beliefs but don't attend church.
  • There are trends towards Vicarious religion where a small minority practice religion on behalf of a much larger number.
  • Societies like Britain may not attend church but still use the church for funerals, baptism, and weddings.

Spiritual shopping - 

  • People have lost their religion that use to be handed down from generation to generation (cultural amnesia)
  • While traditional religion has declined, religion continues through individual consumerism. People have become spiritual shoppers. Religion is now individualized. We now develop our own 'do it yourself' beliefs. 

Hervieu-Leger argues that two new religious types are emerging -

Pilgrims: Follow an individual path in search for self-discovery, new age or through individual therapy. 

Converts: Join religious groups that offer a strong sense of belonging. This re-creates a sense of community, evangelical movements & ethnic minority churches

Postmodern religion -

Lyon argues that postmodern society has several features that are changing the nature of religion, globalization, the increased importance of the media, and consumerism. As a result, traditional religion is giving way to new religious forms.

The relocation of religion - because of globalization there is increased movement of religious ideas across national boundaries often via Media, online.

  • The media give us access to ideas ad beliefs around the globe of different religions.
  • The media allows people to practice their religion online without having to go to church
  • So religion becomes de-institutionalised

Religious consumerism - Postmodern society involves the idea that we now construct our identities through what we consume 

  • This is also true of religion - we are…


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