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Prejudice - thinking badly of someone because of the group he/she belongs to.

Stereotyping - having an over-simplified mental image of people and applying it to everyone in a group.

Discrimination - actions as a result of prejudice.

Positive discrimination - treating people more favourably because they have been discriminated in the past. 

Scapegoating - blaming certain groups for problems in society.

Why are some people predjudice?

  • if someone doesnt understand a group of people or understnad their culture or backgroup, it is therefore easier to sterotype or reject them.
  • lack of education
  • fear of others who are different and they are comfortable with their own way of life and are unwilling to change
  • blaming certain groups for problems in society e.g. imigration 
  • grow up hearing racist comments and it being accepeted as the 'norm.'
  • previous bad experiances
  • media (sterotypes)
  • they themselves have been a victim of discrimination

Effects of Predjudice

Predjucide can have lots of harm on a persons well being especilly emotionally and mentally. It can lead to them having a feelig of worthlessness, being frigthened, and vunerable. Not only that after events such as World War Two discrimination has also been showed to cause millions of deaths. This is similar to how Jews were killed in mass genocide during Nazi Germany. 

Types of  Prejudice 

  • Race and Colour - This usually refers to somes ethnic or reliogous group. In the past some humans have shown to think that humans should be seperated into distinct races, which pass their physical charcteristics down to the next generation. 
  • Racism- This is the belief that a persons skin colour determines their ability. Racisits believe that some races are inferior to others People such as the police and armed forces have been accused of having deep-seated racisms after events such as the Stephen Lawrence Case.
  • Gender - Society creates scertain expectations of people due to their gender, this is known as sexual sterotypes. People who do not conform to these social expectations such as men wearing make up can experiance predjusidcie and discrimination. 
  • Sexism - This is a for of gender discrimination and is wen people are treated favourably die to their gender. Many people still referre to men as supieour to women. This is from the old fashioned sterotype that women should work at home and look after the family, this discrimation has led to women having unequal oppurtunities in the workplace, Women use to have very few rights such as not being able to vote, divorce  husband or iherit property. They had to obey their hisbands and fathers. Theese veiws started to changer after the first war when women were forced to take over mens roles because they were away at ware and wanted more independance. Despite this it has only been in the last


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