Religion and Planet Earth

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Religion and Planet Earth

The Origins of Life

Creation stories

Christian/ Jewish

God created the heavens out of nothing. Light and darkness, plants, animals, the sky and the sea, and then humans were created. This took 6 days and then God rested on the 7th (Genesis 1-2)


Allah made the heavens and the Earth in 6 days. Man was created first, then a woman, and then all humans are decendants from those 2 people. The Qur'an has a similar story to that of Adam and Eve.

Humans are damaging the Earth by:

  • Buring fossil fuels
  • Wasting energy
  • Littering/graffiti
  • Landfill
  • Deforestation
  • Global warming
  • Global dimming
  • Quarrying

Planet Earth 

Awe: A feeling of respect;insight into meaning greater than oneself

Wonder: Marvelling at the complexity and beauty of the universe

Caring for Planet Earth

Most religions believe 

  • God created the Earth and all living things
  • the world belongs to God and not humans
  • Plants, fish and birds were made for people to use and to make Earth a beautiful place to live
  • That humans are Stewards and have been given a special responsibilty to be in charge of the Earth in order to leave a conserved Earth for future generations
  • People have a duty to look after Earth and care for it on God's behalf and have no right to abuse it

Some would argue that its God's responsibilty to care for the Earth as he is omnipresent, has dominion, power, knowledge, and he created it.

Effects of modern lifestyles

Greenhouse effect and Global warming: Pollution is create by emissions of gases from cars, power stations and factories that burn fules like coal, oil and gas. These gases cover the atmosphere and they trap the sun's heat. Global warming ill result in severe weather


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