Relationships in infancy (0-3 years)

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The abilities that help babies form relationships

  • Learn their mothers voice while in the womb. By six months the baby can recognixe familiar faces
  • At the age of 6-12 months, learn to imitate facial expressions like tongue wagging or face pulling
  • Turn their head automatically in the direction of human voices
  • Interested in the features of the person who cares for them
  • After a few months, learn to smile at people
  • Soon learn to respond to simple actions that are directed at them (e.g games of peek-a-boo)

Babies and family relationships

It is essential that the child forms a bond with atleast one adult figure who cares for him/her, this is usually the parent.

The relationship that the baby and the main carer has is the most important as this will be the strongests bond the baby will ever have.

Attatchment relationships

This type of


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