Relationships and Choices...

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Keywords for relationships and choices...  

  • Responsibility- The legal or moral duty which a person has
  • Marriage- A legal union between a man and a woman
  • Vows- Promises made by the couple to be faithful to each other
  • Homosexual- A human being that is sexually attracted to only the members of the same sex
  • Marriage contract- A contract between a bride and a groom
  • Hetero sexual- A human who is sexually attracted only to members of the opposite sex
  • Age of consent- The age at which someone can legally agree to have a sexual relationship
  • Divorce- The legal ending of a marriage
  • Committment- A promise to be faithful
  • Covenant- An agreement made before God
  • Contract- A formal agreement or legal bond
  • Contraception- The artificial and chemical methods used to prevent someone becoming pregnant.

Sexual Relationships

Positive things about having a sexual relationship

  • More people have sex before they are married
  • More children are born to parents who are not married

Negative things


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