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Key words:

Love = To have a deep affection for someone and express through your actions and words

Storge = objects

Philia = friendship

Eros = Sexual 

Agape = Unconditional


Showing commitment:

Love. Provide and care for each other. Forgive. Faithful. Obey marriage vows. Have a joint bank account, take out a mortgage. Have children. Work at their relationship. Renewal of vows. Giving each other gifts.

Responibility/duties you should/shouldnt carry out.

Chastity = no sex until marriage

Celibacy =  Never having a sexual relationship

Adultery = Having sex with someone other than your wife/husband

conflict = working against rather than with one another.

Reconciliation = Saying sorry, making up and starting again.


Wrong = Holy books teach that its wrong. Cannot preocreate naturally. God created marriage between man and women. St Paul said homosexuals cant go to heaven. Hadih about killing homosexuals. Forbidden by shari'ah law. In some muslim countrie its illegal and punishable by death.

Right = Quakers have allowed same sex unions for over 20 years. Bible written in different culture. Anglican church may bless the couple. Homosexuality seen in other animals. Did God create homosexuals? Same moderate muslims believe Qur'ans views on homosexuals cannot be applied to modern society. Does this mean heterosexuals who are infertile should not marry. IVF/ adoption.


Christians = Acceptable if sex is within marriage and both partners agree to the method used. Quality of family life is important(not quantity) Catholics dont believe


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