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Duties you should carry out


Your obligations

What you are expected to take care of

Dedication towards someone or something

Being devoted

Making and keeping a promise or obligation

Something you choose to do or be for a person

To ensure nothing harmful happens to that person. Caring about and wanting the best for each other. A duty to look after.

To ensure each person in the relationship can rely on each others faithfulness and loyalty

Types of Families

Nuclear – where parents live with their children but no other relatives live in the area

Extended – when several generations of the same family live in the same house or neighbourhood

Teachings on family life



Children should be brought up with a mother and father

Parents should set their children a good example and encourage and help them to be good Christians

Children should obey and respect their parents

Children should look after their parents if they can’t look after themselves

Parents have a duty to look after their children and educate and bring them up as good Muslims

Children should respect their parents

Children should look after their parents if they can’t look after themselves


References in the Bible

Purposes of marriage – bringing up children in a Christian environment

The family was created by god to keep society together

In the Qur’an – children and a gift from go, parents will be judged on how they have brought them up

Muhammad married and had a family



Affection and attachment to things. “sentimental love”


The love between friends and family, based on a close bond or connection


Sexual love between two people. Usually of the opposite sex, but varies on the society or culture.


Unconditional love, given freely. May be towards friends, family or other members of humanity

Religious and non-religious attitudes towards sex

Cohabitation – living together without being married

The number of first time marriages has been on the decline since the 1960’s

The number of children born outside marriage still continues to increase

Casual relationships and recreational sex – people having sex just for pleasure without commitment (one night stand)

Promiscuity – having several sexual partners without any commitment

Adultery – when a person in a marriage or relationship is unfaithful by having sex with someone else. Break of trust and commitment

In Christianity…




choosing to remain unmarried and not have sex for a period of time or for life

to refrain from having sex and remain a virgin until marriage

being faithful sexually


Priests and nuns believe their calling from God requires them to do so

Sex is a distraction from god

Law for priests in the Catholic church

To practice self control

To concentrate their energies on other things

To practice birth control

For religious reasons

As an experiment in a relationship

Jesus spoke against sex outside marriage

The 7th commandment – “do not commit adultery



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