Relationship Formation

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reward/need satisfaction theory - Byrne and Clore

- we are attracted to people that we find it gratifying and satisfying to be with 

- we are motivated to seek rewarding stimuli - things that we find rewarding reflect our unmet needs

- mutual attractions occur when each partner meets the others unmet needs 


  • rewarding stimuli produce rewarding feelings and negative stimuli produce negative feelings - some of these stimulus can be people 
  • operant conditioning - we are liekly to repeat any behaviour that leads to a desirable outcome and avoid behaviours that don't 
  • the theory says that we enter relationships due to the presence of some individuals being associated with reinforcement making them attractive to us 


  • we like people who are associated with pleasent events 
  • if we meet someone when in a good mood we are a lot more likely to like them
  • uses the processes of classical conditioning 
  • the balance of positive and negative feelings in a relationship is crucial - if positives outweigh negatives it is more likely to survive 



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