Regenerating Places - San Fransisco

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Case Study to show positive multiplier effect:

San Fransisco:
San Fransisco is an example of a successful place due to the high rates of employment, inward migration, low levels of deprivation.

Economically successful areas attract people and investment - although this brings its own problems ( overpriced housing, congestion of roads and public transport, skill shortages)

Residents areas of successful vary thought:

  • So for example, the locals that have lived here before it became successful wouldn't say it is successful because of the increased housing prices which pushes them away - gentrification
  • However, younger people in highner earning jobs will enjoy the fast pace and the opportunities
  • Unskilled people also won't enjoy the area due to the fact that the only job opportunities around are high skilled jobs you need qualification for
  • Older people who are looking to retire will want a place that is slower paced and won't enjoy the fast pace compared to…


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